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Pakistan trying to politicise death of Hindu migrants in India


Pakistan is trying to politicise the recent death of 11 members of a Hindu migrant family in a mass suicide. The 11 members, belonging to a migrant family killed themselves in a village near Jodhpur in August this year.

According to the Rajasthan police, the recovery of a written note from a shack in Jodhpur district’s Lodta village, where 11 members of a family of Pakistani Hindu migrants were found dead, has suggested that one of the deceased, trained as a nurse, gave sedatives and injected everyone with poison, before taking her own life.

Preliminary investigation by the police found that the injections were given in a professional manner probably by a daughter of the head of the family, who also injected the poison through a cannula later in her leg

These Hindus are among a very large section of the migrant Hindus who are living in India on an extended visa. They fled from the Sind province of Pakistan facing persecution. They belong to the backward community.

Pakistan trying to use the suicides for its anti-India propaganda

But Pakistan is manipulating the issue to give it a different colour and the ministry of external affairs is keeping a watch on Pakistan’s move in this issue as it is being used as anti-India propaganda.

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India in its report said that these Hindus ended their lives in a village near Jodhpur by consuming a toxic substance.

Protests in Pakistan

The deaths have drawn considerable attention in Pakistan after Ramesh Vankwani, member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council, took up the matter. Vankwani urged India and Pakistan to uncover the facts of the case. The relatives of the deceased individuals have been agitating in Pakistan and have sought the help of the Imran Khan government.

In Pakistan, Hindus staged a demonstration on the issue related to the deaths of the 11 persons, who still held Pakistani nationality. The family members of the deceased living in southern Sindh staged the demonstration in Islamabad. This was the first time they had taken their demonstration to the country’s capital, vowing to stage a sit-in near the Indian Embassy.

The demonstration was an unusual move for Pakistan’s Hindus, who have mostly lived without a conflict with the country’s predominantly Muslim majority.

Pakistan has also asked for access to a Hindu worker who was at the Jodhpur farm at the time of the deaths, according to government officials.


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