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Bizarre: Pakistan’s Adnan looking for 4th wife with the help of his 3 spouses


A 22-year-old man in Pakistan, who is already married thrice and is living happily with his three wives and children, is now reportedly looking for his fourth wife. If that was not surprising, the man claims that his three wives are helping him to find a fourth bride.

The story of Adnan, a resident of Sialkot in Pakistan, is both surprising and bizarre.

He was first married at the young age of 16, while he was studying. At the age of 20, he got married for the second time and thereafter, he again got married last year.

Interestingly, all the three wives of Adnan have names starting with the initial ‘S’ and Adnan says that the fourth wife he is looking for should also have a name that starts with ‘S’. Notably, the names of the three wives are Shumbal, Shubana and Shahida.

Shumbal has three children, Shubana two from which one has been adopted by Shahida.

For many men, dealing with the whims and fancies of one wife can be a challenging task. But this does not happen with the ‘lucky’ Adnan.

At a time when fights between husband and wife are common, the only complaint the three wives have against him is this: each says he is not paying enough attention to the other!

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Truly, it is the height of devotion. For Adnan, domestic chores are a breeze. The three spouses take turns to look after him. One cooks for him, the other washes his clothes, while the third polishes his shoes.

He says he loves all three wives. The feeling is reciprocal. All three women love him too.

Monthly expenses not a problem for Adnan

Adnan says the monthly expenses hover between a lakh to one and a half lakh Pakistani rupees.

But household expenses are no issue for Adnan, who said his fortunes took a turn for the better after his first marriage. He lives in a house, which has 6 bedrooms, a drawing room and a storeroom.

It is a story that is likely to have a fairy tale ending of  “…And they lived happily ever after.”


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