Gujarat Exclusive > JP Nadda Summons Union Minister Giriraj Singh for His Controversial Remarks

JP Nadda Summons Union Minister Giriraj Singh for His Controversial Remarks


The party high command has been angered by the recent controversial remarks of Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party President Giriraj Singh, who is in the news for his controversial statement. It is being said that BJP National President JP Nadda is upset with his controversial remarks and that is why he has also issued a notice to the Union Minister.

Giriraj Singh made many controversial statements in recent times. On Tuesday, the Union Minister described Deoband of Uttar Pradesh as ‘Gangotri of terrorism’. He had said, ‘Deoband is the Gangotri of terrorism from which people like Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attack, originate.’ Giriraj Singh came to Saharanpur to attend an event in support of the CAA. He called the anti-CAA movement an anti-national movement. Controversy also arose over this statement of the Union Minister.

Commenting on the statement of the Union Minister, Congress leader and former MLA Imran Masood had said that Giriraj Singh has become blind in hatred to the extent that he also insulted the holy word ‘Gangotri’. Saharanpur MP Haji Fazlur Rehman also condemned Singh’s statement and said that Deoband had been the ‘karmabhoomi’ of freedom fighters. He said that the Ulama of Deoband sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom and went to jail.

Giriraj Singh, while taking aim at Shaheen bagh, said that a group of suicide bombers is being made here. Giriraj had shared the video of a woman’s speech on social media, targeting the protesters. While sharing another video, he said that poison is being filled in the minds of children. He wrote on Twitter, ‘This Shaheen Bagh is no longer just a movement. Here the suicide bomber is being made. There is a conspiracy against the country in the country’s capital.