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Over 30% of pilots in Pak have fake licenses, says aviation minister


Pakistan’s aviation minister on Wednesday informed the Parliament that more than 30% of civilian pilots in Pakistan are not qualified to fly and have fake licenses. Aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan while addressing the national assembly said that over 260 pilots in Pakistan had paid someone else to take exams on their behalf. He said the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has also grounded all its pilots with fake licenses with immediate effect. 

The findings came following a probe into a PIA plane crash in Karachi that killed close to 100 people. The probe also found that the crash on May 22 was a result of the pilots not focusing during the flight. Khan said the pilots were “overconfident and failed to concentrate”,

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“The pilot ignored the instructions of the air traffic controllers and the ATC, on the other hand, did not inform the pilot about the engine colliding. The pilots were discussing corona throughout the flight. They were not focussed. When the control tower asked him to increase the plane’s height, the pilot said ‘I’ll manage’. There was overconfidence,” an international news site quoted Khan informing the national assembly while presenting the interim investigation report on the plane crash.

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