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Online education: Should schools stop unit tests?


Should unit tests be part of the online evaluation of students? 

Several schools in the city and state feel that regular unit tests should be stopped as education has gone online.


The argument is that since many students, particularly in remote areas of the state, are unable to access online education, regular tests may put them under further pressure.

The schools have also pointed out that many grant-in-aid and government schools still lack teachers. 

This means subject experts will not be available to check the test papers.

They believe that tests should be on hold at present.

What association says

The Gujarat Rajya Shala Sanchalak Mahamandal has also made a representation to the education department in this connection.

Bhaskar Patel of the Mahamandal welcomed the state government’s move towards online and home learning.

He, however, said that many students in remote areas don’t have access to television and mobile phones at their homes.

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As a result, they are deprived of online or long-distance education. 

If a unit test or other evaluation is conducted, it will put such students under stress.

The problem in evaluating students

He said there is also no way to evaluate the students correctly.

Patel said since students are expected to appear for the exams while at home, the results may show variation from earlier results.

He said though they are just unit tests, designed to test understanding of students about a particular chapter, many see it as a form of an exam.

He said the teachers will later collect the answer sheets, evaluate them and upload the results online. 

Patel added that many schools continue to have a vacancy for teachers, the question of who will evaluate the answers also arises.

“Earlier the government made provision for temporary teachers for schools that had a vacancy for a particular subject,” he said. 

This practice was later stopped. Patel said it is important that temporary teachers are allotted to schools.

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