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Onion Price Reaches the Sky in Ahmedabad, Ranges from Rs 120-140 Per kg


Inflation is increasing day by day in the city. Onion prices have reached the sky. While the wholesale price of the onion is Rs 85 per kg, the retail price of the onion ranges from Rs 120-140 per kg in many areas of Ahmedabad.

Separate prices of onion in different areas of Ahmedabad
As the onions are transported from the Jamalpur market to the different areas of Ahmedabad. As once the onions come out of the market the price rise as it was in the market. Onions are sold at Rs 90 in Jamalpur Market. As one it comes to the areas like Navrangpura the price goes upto Rs 100.While in Vejalpur and Prahladnagar it is distributed at Rs 120 per kg.While in Satellite area it is about Rs 140 per kg.Onion merchants are taking Rs 340 per 3 kg of onion in wholesale market.

A housewife from Ahmedabad said that onion prices have reached so much that they have to consider what to eat now. Now we do not understand whether to take onion or chicken. Onions should also be added to the chicken. Onion traders say prices are constantly rising due to low onion revenue from outside. People are storing the onion as the price is continuously rising.

Why onions become expensive?
With the onion crossing Rs 100, the poor and middle class have become very worried. The onion crop has failed due to the severe flood situation in Nashik and Assam, due to the negative effects on the onion market. The Government of India is also concerned about the rising prices of onions, which has forced the government to import onions from abroad. The prices of onions has shot up in other parts of the country as well as due to many reasons including floods.