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On Eve of Trump’s Visit, India May Sign 25,250 Cr. Defence Deal With US


During US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, many important agreements can be reached between the two countries. Of course, there is a lot of confusion about the trade deal between India and America. But if sources are to be believed, there can be an agreement on the defence deal between the two countries. The deal allows the Navy to approve 24 MH-60 ‘Romeo’ Multi Mission Helicopters. It is being told that the deal is worth 2.6 billion dollars.

Apart from this, the purchase of 6 AH-64E Apache Attack Helicopter for the Air Force can also be approved in this deal, this agreement will be of $ 93 million. In such a situation, this amount combined with both deals reaches around 25,250 crores according to Indian currency.

US President Donald Trump has ruled out the possibility of a trade deal between India and America on his visit this time. He said that he really likes PM Modi very much, but cannot do a trade deal at the moment and will consider it further. President Trump is scheduled to visit India on 24 February. During his visit, it was expected that there would be a trade agreement in both the countries.

Preparations for the US President’s visit to India are in the final stages. Security is being chalked out from Delhi to Ahmedabad and from Agra to NCR. It is known that Trump will come to Ahmedabad on 24th with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate the world’s largest cricket stadium, prepared in Motera, Ahmedabad.

What will India gain from the tour?

 It is known that the Gujarat government is spending more than 100 crores to make Trump’s tour special, but what India will get from this tour is a big question. On this tour of Opposition Trump remains a silent audience. If there is no trade deal between the two countries and the defence deal also hangs in the balance, then what is the basic purpose of this tour?