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Education department official suspended for supporting farmers’ protest


The farmers’ protest is getting support from people from various walks of life. However, some people have to bear the brunt of the governments’ anger for supporting the protesting farmers.

One such person is Ajay Balhara. Dr. Ajay Balhara, who was posted as chief coordinator (training) at the Haryana government’s Directorate of Secondary Education in Panchkula has been suspended by the government for taking part in the farmer movement.

Ajay Balhara, who was suspended for supporting the farmers’ movement on social media, is unmoved by the decision. He reached the Tikri border on Monday and openly supported the farmers.

Supported farmers movement

Balhara, while speaking to the BBC, said that he is from a peasant family and has the right to raise his voice. He said that he had come to support the farmers on the Tikri border after taking a week off. At the border, he interviewed some farmers and shared it along with his opinion on social media. Following this, the government suspended him. Since his suspension, he claimed that he is staying at the Tikri border to help the farmers’ movement.

Balhara’s responsibility

Balhara’s responsibility mainly is to train teachers and he is doing the same in the farmers’ movement. Balhara has said he will stay at the border and train farmers. Sanyukt Kisan Morcha has given him the special responsibility to train farmers.

On Monday, he discussed the basic needs of cleanliness at the protest venue and mobile toilets for women with the organisers of the protest. He also entrusted the responsibility to remove the flaws at the protest site to several farmers taking part in the movement. Ajay Balhara said that whenever there is a big movement, jobs and lives are sacrificed. He stressed on ensuring the participation of youth in the movement.


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