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MP Nusrat Jahan gets death threat for posing as Goddess Durga


Member of Parliament (MP) and actor Nusrat Jahan has received death threats on social media after she dressed up as Goddess Durga and posted the pictures on her Instagram account. She dressed up as Goddess Durga for the advertisement of a clothing line.

Nusrat, who is known for her secular viewpoint, is currently in London for a film shoot. Her office has alerted the authorities—the West Bengal government as well as the Ministry of External Affairs— about the threat and sought additional security for her.

Notably, some people got offended on her “Devi Durga” avatar as she is a Muslim and severely criticised her on social media.

Threats to the actor

As soon as she posted the pictures on Instagram on September 17, many social media users criticised and threatened her. In the pictures, she is posing as Goddess Durga with a ‘Trishul’ in her hand.

However, the post was not well received by the religious hardliners who objected to her posing as a Hindu Goddess despite being a Muslim. A few social media users also posted death threats against the actor.

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One of the users wrote: “Your time to die has finally arrived. Fear the Allah. Can’t you keep your body covered? Chi Chi Chi.”

Not the first time for Nusrat Jahan

This is not the first time Ms Jahan has been threatened and abused for her views or stand on issues. She was abused for marrying a Hindu, wearing ‘sindoor’ or vermillion and participating in rath yatra soon after. Photos of her at Durga Puja pandals last year with her husband had gone viral and drawn abuse.

Complaint against App for using pictures without consent

Nusrat Jahan has filed a complaint with the cyber cell of the Kolkata Police headquarters in Lal Bazar regarding the usage of her pictures by an advertisement company on FB without her consent. The company named ‘FancyU-Video Chat App’ has put out a sponsored post on Facebook which has used Jahan’s pictures alongside other women. Jahan alleges that these pictures were used without the MP’s consent.


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