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Body of nurse in PPE kit found outside society gate in Vadodara


The body of a nurse in a PPE kit was found in Vadodara’s Gotri area. The nurse had left home for her night duty at COVID hospital in the Gotri area. 

Cops are investigating if the death was accidental or whether the nurse was murdered.

Who was the nurse?

Shilpa Patel, a resident of New VIP Road in Vadodara worked as a nurse at the mental hospital. As COVID cases increased she was put on COVID duty at the COVID hospital in Gotri.

On Friday evening, Shilpa left her home on her two-wheeler to report to duty at the COVID hospital. She, however, did not reach her workplace and later her body was found from the gate of Vaikunth Society. Shilpa was in her PPE kit when she died.

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Police were informed of the body by an unknown person.

Initial probe revealed that Shilpa’s vehicle was not involved in an accident. Also, she had no injury marks on her body. But police believe she may have been hit on her head with a blunt object.

Cops suspect she may have been murdered. As of now, the body has been sent for postmortem and police are investigating the matter.


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