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Notice questions Shaherkotada cop’s patronage of biz!


A public notice on a board in Shaherkotada has questioned the

alleged patronage of local cops for liquor and restaurant biz in the area.

The board further warns that fight will be on if atrocities are carried.


The notice is purportedly against the Shaherkotada police.

It has the slogan jor julam ki takkar me sangharsh hamara nara hai.

It says that illicit liquor houses and restaurants are running full steam in the area even during curfew hours. 

The writing on the board says that such activities should be immediately stopped.

It alleges that the activities are being carried out with the tacit support of cops in the area.

Whom does notice mention

It further states that the liquor shops and restaurants are being run with the help of one Vijay Hiralal, a homeguard.

It questions the different set of rules – one for the common man and one for others.

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The board said while the common people found themselves at the receiving

end of the police’s ire for breaking rules of Unlock, certain segments got away scot-free.

It also makes allegations against inspector of the local Shaherkotada police station.

The notice put up on a pole has been put up by

Bhartiya Samyavadi Party general secretary Dinesh Chauhan.

It says the rules of lockdown do not apply to police inspector of

Shaherkotada police station, VD Vala, homeguard Vijay and one alleged middleman of his Ramsinh. 

It further warns that if action is not taken against those responsible

then they will have to resort to violence against the ‘dictatorship’.

What are they saying

VD Vala said that these were mere allegations and they are investigating the matter. 

Chauhan said that home guard Vijay also served as the peon for the inspector. 

“The liquor business, as well as food shops, continue to operate even during curfew,” Chauhan said.

Shaherkotada is one of the places in the city that is

notorious for illegal liquor dens operating in the area.

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