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Not Just Onion, Prices of Potato and Other Vegetables are on Rise


Ahmedabad: Onion prices were skyrocketing and discussed till now. Due to which the housewife were operating without onions. But now the growing prices of the most widely used potatoes and the vegetables has lost the budget of the kitchens.In Ahemdabad, The potato had reached up to Rs 40 per kg. According to the experts, the prices are increased because of the unseasonal rainfall and due to which there was a late plantation. This is a price of the market while in the malls after giving the 20% discount the price of the potatoes is at Rs 33 per kg.

According to the city’s APMC data, the wholesale price of potatoes is Rs 18.This mean that the retailers are doubling the prices and selling them in the retail market.Potatoes are sold at Rs 26 per kg in Deesa and its surrounding areas. This year production of the potatoes is lower than the last year. Onion prices have also increased with potatoes. At a time, the retail market was selling the onions at Rs 80 per kg but now the price again rose up to Rs 120 in the market.

In the Winter season people like to have more vegetables then any other season. It is said that winter is the season of eating and in winter vegetables are also sold at the cheap rate.But this year it is not like that and not only onions but also potatoes, Brinjal, Amaranth(Chauli), Broad beans(Vaalor), green garlic etc, prices have reached the sky.

Wholesale and Retail prices of vegetables in rupees
Brinjal(Ravaiya) – 55 120
Onion- 90 120
Amaranth(Chauli) – 60 120
Cluster Beans(Gavar) – 55 120
Broad Beans(Vaalor) – 60 80
Potatoes – 18 40