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Not joining any political party, says Kafeel Khan


Dr Kafeel Khan has put an end to speculations about him joining the Congress. Kafeel Khan has clarified that he is a doctor and would remain so. He also said he is not joining any political party.

Notably, speculations were rife that he would be joining Congress after Priyanka Gandhi asked him to stay in Rajasthan where his safety would be ensured.

Released from jail after HC order

Kafeel Khan was recently released from Mathura jail following an order of the Allahabad High Court. The court set aside his detention under the National Security Act (NSA). It also clarified that his speech at the Aligarh Muslim University did not promote hatred or violence. Instead, the court said it gave a call for national integrity.

“I am a doctor and would like to remain the same,” he said. The medical practitioner also expressed a desire to visit flood-hit areas of Bihar and help the victims.

Priyanka Gandhi helped me on humanitarian grounds

He said that when his release was delayed after the Allahabad High Court order on September 1, it was feared that the Uttar Pradesh government was preparing to implicate him again in a case.

“Because of the apprehension that I could be implicated in any other case by the Uttar Pradesh government, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had helped me on humanitarian grounds,” he said. However, he made it clear that it should not be construed as he is going to join the Congress.

No discussion on politics with Priyanka Gandhi

Khan said there has been no discussion regarding politics with Priyanka Gandhi. Additionally, he said he has not got any indication in this regard from the Congress leader.

“As there is a Congress government in Rajasthan and the distance from Mathura to Bharatpur is of just 20 minutes, Priyanka Gandhi offered me to come to Bharatpur”.

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He thanked the Congress general secretary saying it was due to her he got “security” in Rajasthan.

Urged UP CM to reinstate me, says Khan

Khan said that he has written a letter to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath urging him to reinstate him to his post at Gorakhpur Medical College so that he can serve the people.

Controversy over children deaths

Khan, who worked as a paediatrician at Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College, first hit headlines in 2017 after several children died at the hospital due to the lack of oxygen cylinders.

Initially, he was hailed as a saviour for the children for arranging emergency oxygen cylinders. However, later, he faced action along with nine other doctors and staff members of the hospital. Subsequently, all of them were released on bail.

A state government probe had cleared Khan of all major charges, prompting him to seek an apology from the Yogi Adityanath government. The doctor had alleged that an institutional failure had led to the deaths of the children.

Arrested over allegedly provocative speech

Khan was again arrested in January this year. He was charged for delivering a provocative speech at the AMU during the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) protests. After the Allahabad High Court ordered his release on September 1, he walked out of Mathura jail late in the night.


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