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No salary without vaccination, Ujjain collector warns govt employees in new order


In a novel initiative to support the immunisation drive against COVID-19, the Ujjain district administration in Madhya Pradesh has ordered government staff to get vaccinated if they want to withdraw their salaries from July onwards.

The district administration has issued an order clarifying that state government employees will not get their salaries from next month, if they do not get vaccinated. Ujjain collector Ashish Singh has taken the decision to achieve the target of 100 per cent vaccination against the deadly virus.

The order

The order provides that salaries of government employees will not be disbursed, if they fail to get vaccinated till July 31. “We are making all possible efforts to achieve the target of cent per cent vaccination in the district. Several steps have been taken in this direction,” Singh said.

The salaries of employees for July will be disbursed only after producing the vaccination certificate, a district official said. The order also said the district treasury officer has been directed to collect vaccination certificates along with the disbursement of salaries for June, and compile the information about the inoculation of government employees against the coronavirus infection.

Heads of various departments in the district were also directed to submit information about vaccination among the daily wage and contractual employees. As per the order, during the review of deaths of government employees due to COVID-19 in the district, it was found they were not vaccinated.

COVID-19 situation in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is one of the worst affected states due to COVID-19. Its rickety health infrastructure, especially in rural areas, got exposed during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several media reports have blamed the state government for manipulating COVID-19 death figures and hiding the reality.

So far, the state has officially reported 7.89 lakh COVID-19 cases and 8,806 deaths. Madhya Pradesh has reported 65 fresh cases and 20 deaths in the last 24 hours.


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