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Somnath temple eases Covid rules; no need for entry pass


Gir Somnath: The next time you visit the Somnath temple, you will not need a pass to enter the precinct. With a significant drop in daily cases of Covid-19, the temple authorities have done away with the system of pass for entry.

The pass system at Somnath temple had been introduced last year when the pandemic struck. The temple gets several thousands of visitors on regular days. With difficulties arising in ensuring social distancing among visitors when the temple reopened after the lockdown, it was decided to allow only a restricted number of devotees inside at one time.

As per the arrangement, only 200 passes were issued in an hour, meaning only 200 persons would be allowed on the campus at one time.

Now, with effect from Monday, October 11, passes will not be required for entry.

However, the devotees will have to adhere to all Covid-related rules like maintaining social distance and wearing mask at all times.

The state has been reporting less than 25 cases daily for past several days.

With the drop in cases, the state government has already eased several restrictions that had been put in place earlier.

Even for the ongoing Navratri, while club and party plot garba events have not been allowed, society-level events have been allowed with a maximum of 400 participants.


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