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No question of ending prohibition in Gujarat: Pradipsinh Jadeja


Gujarat Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja on Friday said that there was no question of lifting the liquor ban/prohibition in Gujarat.

Jadeja who was at a function to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in Panchmahals said that many people were in favour of lifting prohibition from the state and were carrying out campaigning for the same, but it was not possible.

Jadeja’s veiled reference was to former chief minister Shanekrsinh Vaghela who has often spoken out against the prohibition rule in Gujarat. 

He has also started a campaign on social media for the same. Vaghela has called the prohibition rule as one that adds to corruption and black-marketing of alcohol without actually having any impact on alcohol consumption in the state.

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“Many people are saying that lifting of prohibition will lead to more income for the state and economic prosperity. We, however, are not interested in lifting prohibition. We are committed to enforcing it,” said Jadeja. He said alcohol has ruined several lives and made widows of several women.

What is Vaghela’s stance on prohibition

Vaghela had earlier while batting for an end to prohibition said that neither the Congress nor the BJP was interested in removing it as both of then benefited from the illegal income from it. Vaghela said that prohibition was in name only in Gujarat and alcohol was easily available. 


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