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No case registered against Ajit Pawar in Maharashtra irrigation scam: ACB


Mumbai / New Delhi: Maharashtra Anti-Corruption Bureau has reported the news of Deputy CM Ajit Pawar getting relief in irrigation scam is fake. After being accused by the Congress, the ACB said that no case has been closed against Ajit Pawar. The ACB said “about 3,000 tenders in linked to the scam are also under investigation. The Congress also attacked the BJP in this regard. It is said that there was no evidence against Ajit Pawar in 9 cases.

The ACB also said that if the court orders an investigation or some new evidence comes up, we are ready to investigate. ACB’s DG Parambir Singh said, “We are investigating the complaint regarding 3,000 tenders linked to the irrigation scam. This is a daily inquiry which has closed. The case, which is already under investigation, will continue”.

What is the whole matter?

From 1999 to 2009, Ajit Pawar had the Ministry of Irrigation. In the meantime, the ministry spent around Rs 70,000 crore. It was alleged that the work was not done as per the expenses. The Chief Minister, who was very agitated by the opposition, asked Ajit Pawar to bring a white paper on the issue. It was also alleged that the proposal was passed to increase the cost of the dams which have been constructed in Vidarbha and Raigad districts.

A former Irrigation Department engineer had written a letter alleging that many such dams were built, which were not needed due to the pressure of the leaders. The engineer further wrote that construction of several dams was not up to the mark and such dams were weak.