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Bail denied to father accused of minor daughter’s rape


Aaquib Chhipa, Ahmedabad: A Special Court in Ahmedabad on Monday denied bail to a father accused of rape of his 11-year-old minor daughter for three years.

A single-judge bench of the Special Court observed that it is the duty of every father to protect his daughter but serious allegations have been made against the accused father.

“If he is granted bail there is a possibility of it adversely impacting the victim and her family. There is also the possibility of tampering with evidence and witnesses,” the court said while rejecting the bail plea.

The court also noted that such types of offences were on the rise recently.

How the state opposed the bail plea of rape accused

The public prosecutor while opposing the bail plea said that the man had been committing the offence against his daughter for the last 3 years when the mother went out for work.

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The prosecutor said the accused father took advantage of being alone in the house with his daughter and went on to rape her. He also threatened to kill her if she revealed the happenings to her mother.

He also threatened to kill the child’s brother and mother. The prosecutor said he thus continued to rape the child for three years by threatening her.

The counsel for the accused said that the applicant father is innocent. He said the couple had been living separately for a long time and the complainant (the mother) used to visit Bangalore and Goa for work. She filed the case based on assumptions.

The lawyer also argued that the complainant is living with his family and will not go anywhere if granted bail.

The case was lodged with the Mahila Police Station (West) Ahmedabad.


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