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Nityananda Controversy: DPS School Accreditation Cancelled, Many Questions Remain Unanswered


In Swami Nityanad’s case finally the accreditation of DPS has been cancelled. As per information obtained, orders have been passed to cancel the school’s accreditation. The case is being investigated by District Education Officer, and it was found that the authorities had forged documents to get N/A certification.

The investigating is ongoing regarding the illegal confinement of children at the ashram and disappearance of a girl from the ashram. The investigation is slowly unfolding the misdeeds of Nityanand and the school authorities. The school authorizes had forged documents to get the N/A certification cleared from the government and also joined hands with the self-styled god man Nityanand and were involved in his illegal business and the registration has been cancelled after investigation.

All CBSE affiliations with the DPS School have been cancelled on the basis of irregularities found. Although there are still some questions that remain unanswered, Will action be taken against conspirators, like Manjula Shroff and Amitabh Shah? Or, would the whole matter be suppressed just by cancelling the school’s accreditation? Will the government take any further action to arrest Nityananda or even pour cold water over it? The biggest question is what will happen to the students’ future?

It has been alleged that children were illegally confined at Nityanand’s Hathijan based ashram. Swami Nityanandan Yogini Sarva Sarvagnyapitham Ashram started 10 months ago on the campus of the DPS School located in the Hirapur village area. No wall has been erected between the playground and the ashram of the DPS School, there is an open way to easily enter the ashram from the playground. Thus, the DPS also had a suspicious role in the whole controversy. CCTV footage has surfaced of a DPS school bus coming to take young girls and children in the ashram. Administrators have been questioned after reports surfaced that the ashram was running at a DPS school campus.