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Nityanand Scandal: Youth Congress protest against DPS-Ashram


Ahmedabad: Nityanand’s Hathijan based DPS-Ashram has been involved in controversies for the past several days. In this regard, Youth Congress activists carried out fierce protests today and were detained by the university police. Strict action was demanded in the Nityananda scandal against the trustees and other heads of the education department alleging that they were being defended.

According to reports, abductions, superstitious activities money laundering, false NoCs submitted to the Department of Education, and other maliciousness activities have been reported in the city’s DPS School based ashram. The DPS School has attempted to mislead the education department or engage in a scandal with the authorities.  Further investigation in the case has led to several big names such as Pooja Shroff, Hiten Vasant and Amitabh Shah Come to light, but no action is being taken against them. Youth Congress and the NSUI activists led intense protests against Nityanand and his accomplices.