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High Court Unmasks Nityanand-Manjula Shroff’s Dirty Game


Ahmedabad: A habeas corpus petition was filed in the Gujarat High Court yesterday against Swani Nityanand and his associates and they seemed to be playing around with the law. 4 children went missing from the ashram and habeas corpus petition was filed in this regard, the Hon’ble High Court in the habeas corpus petition filed observed that the petitioner wanted to interfere with the ongoing investigation aganist Swami Nityananda and his associates. During the hearing, in High Court Nityanand’s dirty game was unmasked and his deliberately planted petition was exposed.

It is to be noticed that, On Wednesday 4 more children went missing from the Swami’s Yogini Sarvajanpeetham ashram situated at Hathijan DPS campus in Ahmedabad and a habeas corpus petition was filed in this regard and an urgent hearing was scheduled at the Gujarat High Court in the regard.

Investigation Officers and 4 students of Nityanand Ashram were present in the High Court. 16-year-old Trisha Satish, 14-year-old Natanya Turlapati, 17-year-old Bhuvan Pallav and 17-year-old Ashwat Mani were produced before the court and their testimonies were taken. The court asked the 4 minors “With whom do you want to stay” and all the 4 said they wanted to live in the Gurukul. The court further asked “why aren’t the parents allowed to meet their children”? And the ashram acolytes replied that no parents were stopped from meeting their children. The four petitions were filed by- Girish Rao, Mani Ramalingam, Satish Selvakumar and Anil Kumar BS. The petitioners, who filed the petition, claimed that their children were not allowed to leave the ashram and they were not allowed to meet their children. The police also do not allow parents to go to the ashram to visit their children. The petitioners claimed that our children were being harassed by the Police and Child Welfare Committee during police investigations.

Swami Nityanad and his accomplices tried to mislead and divert the police investigation. The High Court has uncovered the game of Swami Nityanand and his accomplices, now the police would not be deluded in the case and would carry further investigation by scrutinizing Swami Nityananda’s close associates like Manjula Pooja Shroff and Amitabh Shah.