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Nityanand-DPS School Case: Scam Worth 80 to 100 Crore Suspected


Ahmedabad: Several shocking revelations are coming out after the controversy flared up over Swami Nityananda’s ashram running in a DPS school in the eastern part of the city. After the role of Pooja Manjula Shroff and other authorities came to light, in which it was revealed that forged documents were used to get the approval from CBSE and the whole scan is suspected to be worth 80 to 100 crore rupees.

A police complaint was also registered by the Education Department on this regard, All Gujarat Wali Mandal had made several revelations in the case and shocked everyone. A letter to the Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner and the District Police Chief was also submitted.

All Gujarat Wali Mandal had accused the administrators of the DPS School that the school authorities had also cheated the Gujarat State Education Department.  In the last 10 years, the school has collected funds in the name of donations, education fees, development fees and accumulated wealth estimated to around 80-100 crores in the entire scam. We demand that the state government take this into consideration and take action under sections 466, 467 and 468 of the IPC.

In a conversation with The Gujarat Exclusive, Naresh Shah of All Gujarat Wali Mandal said “this scam is worth crores of rupees and should be properly investigated. If proper investigation is not carried out, in the coming days, there will be mass protests by the Wali Mandal.

(Story Photo: DPS East School and Naresh Shah)