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Nityanand Case: Bail Plea of ​​2 Acolytes Rejected


The bail plea of ​​Nityanand’s associates Pranapriya and Priyatatva has been dismissed by the court. Were booked in connection with illegally confining children in the Ashram at DPS School near Hathijan in Ahmedabad. The court said that if the accused are granted bail, then it will have a negative effect on the society.

Court rejects bail plea

The bail plea of ​​Pranapriya and Priyatatva, the two associates of Nityanand, was heard in Mirzapur Rural Court in Ahmedabad. Counsel for the accused defended that the sadhikas were falsely implicated as they had no criminal history and both women have been in jail for a long time so they should be granted bail. On the other hand, the public prosecutor argued that the main accused Nityanand is still absconding. If bail is granted, they can escape. If the accused are granted bail, then the witnesses can be affected, so they should not be granted bail.

The police arrested the manager, as well as two acolytes, Pranapriya and Priyatatva from Nityanand Ashram, which operated in the DPS school campus.

Both the sadhikas were booked for kidnapping, harassment, torturing children and illegal confinement of children at ashram.

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