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Nitin Patel admits shortage of beds, health facilities in Gujarat as COVID cases surge


Gujarat’s health minister Nitin Patel on Sunday admitted that there is a dearth of beds required for COVID-19 patients in the state—a fact that the government had been denying for the past few days despite media reports suggesting so.

Patel said that the current requirement of beds and allied healthcare facilities in view of the massive surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths is beyond the state government’s capacity.

The minister, however, asserted that the government is taking all possible measures to increase bed strength for COVID patients, but it is still short of demand.

Patel, who is also the deputy chief minister of the state, told the media, “Over 9,000 new coronavirus cases are emerging in Gujarat everyday. Though we are adding new facilities and beds at regular intervals, it falls short against the demand as the inflow of coronavirus patients is much higher.”

He added, “Requirement for beds and other healthcare facilities in the present situation is higher than the health department and administration’s capacity. In view of the spike in cases, we are adding more beds to accommodate the patients.”

Sight of ambulances queuing outside hospitals not pleasant

Also, the minister said that the sight of ambulances queuing up outside government hospitals is not a pleasant sight, but, he added, it is the government’s duty to save each and every patient turned away by other hospitals.

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Patel said that long queues are happening because other hospitals refuse to admin patients and these patients come to us for treatment. “Till they are admitted in the hospital, till they are in the ambulance we try to keep them alive by giving oxygen,” he said.

COVID-19 situation in Gujarat

COVID cases in Gujarat touched 9,541 new infections per day in the last 24 hours ending 5 pm on Saturday—the highest since the pandemic began. In all 3,783 patients were discharged during the same period. Ninety-seven deaths due to the disease were recorded in the state during this period.


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