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Nirbhaya will Soon Get Justice, Bihar Jail Asked to make Execution Ropes


Although the final order to hang the accused of the Nirbhaya case lodged in Tihar jail has not yet reached to the jail administration. But the administration has started preparations for it. According to the information, the jail administration has started the execution of the trial. Pawan who is Mandoli jail is shifted to Tihar jail, raising the possibility that the four accused will be hanged simultaneously.

Reconsideration petition filed in SC
Akshay has asked the SC to reconsider the death sentence in the review petition. The convict has also apologized to the SC for the delay in filing the review petition. In the petition, Akshay has appealed that air pollution in Delhi-NCR is at a dangerous level. Delhi has turned into a gas chamber. Also, the water here has also become poisonous. In such a situation, due to bad air and water the age is already decreasing then why is there a need for the death penalty?

Culprits are being monitored
Nirbhaya of Delhi was gang-raped on 16 December 2012. Six people were the accused in this rape case, one of them committed suicide in jail, the other was a minor who was sentenced for 3 years by the Juvenile Justice Court. The remaining four convicts Akshay, Mukesh, Pawan and Vinay Sharma are still in jail and the administration is keeping a close watch on them. CCTV cameras have been installed to monitor their activity.

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