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Nirbhaya Gang Rape Accused Pave Way For Death Warrant, Hanging Date May Come in Sometime


The Supreme Court has rejected the reconsideration petition of Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case accused Akshay Kumar Singh, the way for the death warrant of convict is cleared. Expressing happiness after the court’s decision, Nirbhaya’s mother said that we expected a similar decision.

She also thanked the media and the country that everyone supported her in this journey for her dausghter.She said that with this we have come one step closer to justice.

In the Supreme Court, the review petition of Akshay for the Nirbhaya case was heard in the Supreme Court and both the parties submitted their arguments. While AP Singh, the lawyer for the convict, pleaded for mercy from the SC on behalf of the government.

In the hearing before the SC order,Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that the convict is not entitled to legiency and god would be ashamed to make such a poor. Mehta argued in the court that there are some crimes in which ‘humanity cries’ and this case is one of them.

The Solicitor General said in court to avoid what is set to happen in the Nirbhaya case.The guilty are making many efforts and the law should do their job soon.

The SC has given a big verdict in the Nirbhaya case. The court has dismissed the reconsideration petition of one of the four convicts Akshay. The court said that the arguments given by the defense, have been heard before and no basis has been found on the points raised in the petition. Saying this, a bench of three judges of the SC has given its verdict. After this decision of the court, the way of issuing death warrant against the convict is being clear.