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Nirbhaya Case: President Rejects Mercy Plea of Convict Vinay Sharma


President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday dismissed the mercy plea of ​​Vinay Sharma convict of Nirbhaya Case. This is the second mercy petition out of the four convicts which was filed with the President. Earlier President has rejected convict Mukesh’s mercy petition. Yesterday, the apex court had rejected his petition. On the same day, the Delhi Patiala House Court had deferred the hanging of the four convicts in the case till further orders.

Earlier, President has rejected convict Vinay Sharma’s mercy petition means the early hanging could be done on February 15. As per the law, the hanging could take place 14 days after the rejection of mercy plea by the President. But as another convict Akshay Thakur has also filed a mercy petition, it is a matter of rejection of the plea by the President to estimate the next possible date of the hanging. Vinay Sharma in his mercy petition said before the President that he did not want to be alive but after meeting my parents I want to be alive. Mt Parents came to meet me and said that we are alive after seeing you and so that I have given up the thought of dying, Vinay said in the mercy petition.

According to the decision of the Supreme Court after the mercy petition is rejected, the convict is given 14 days time. Before February 1, Nirbhaya convicts were to be hanged on January 22 which was postponed. Even after Vinay’s plea is rejected, the law will give 14 days time to these accused. In these 14 days they can use law option. But most of the law options of the four accused in the Nirbhaya case are over.