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Nirbhaya Case: Preparations Completed in Tihar Jail, Convicts May be Hanged Today


New Delhi: A hearing on the issue of death warrants in Nirbhaya misdemeanor scandal is scheduled to be held in Patiala House Court in Delhi on Tuesday. The hearing will take place at the request of Nirbhaya’s mother. Nirbhaya’s mother has demanded immediate execution of all the accused. Earlier, the Patiala House Court granted the accused till January 7 to complete all the legal process.

On Monday, the father of one of the four accused filed a petition in court to avoid hanging. However, the court rejected the plea of ​​accused Pawan’s father. The petition questioned the credibility of the sole witness and said that the statements of the witnesses could not be relied upon.

The paramedic student was raped on the intervening night of December 16-17, 2012, inside a running bus in south Delhi by six persons and severely assaulted before being thrown out on the road.She died on December 29, 2012, at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, where she was airlifted from Delhi for treatment.

The commotion caused a stir throughout the country. All 6 accused were minor. They were sent to remand home while one of the accused committed suicide in Tihar Jail.

All three of the four convicts had told the Tihar Jail authorities that they still have the option of filing a curative petition before filing a mercy plea. A curative petition is the last legal recourse available to a convict and it is generally considered in-chamber. In which they can, if they wish to file a mercy petition. After which the jail administration gave him 7 days notice again to file mercy petition with the President.