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NGO, police join hands to start cluster kitchens for migrants


At a time when the state government and local authorities are finding it difficult to reach out to all the migrant workers in the state who are finding it difficult to manage their square-meals amid the coronavirus lockdown, an Ahmedabad-based NGO, in association with Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 5) Ravi Teja, has set-up 10-12 cluster kitchens that supply food to migrant workers.

A small cluster-level committee consisting of the migrant workers has been formed that operates the kitchen, cook food, and distribute to all identified workers in these clusters, while abiding by the government’s social distancing norms. Notably, each cluster has around 300-400 identified workers and 4,500 such workers have been already mapped by volunteers from the Institute of Social Studies and Transformation.

The NGO, with the help of the police, supplies the required ration to these kitchens and ensures the availability of transport facilities for distribution of food to all the identified workers in these clusters. The NGO—Janvikas—with the help of the Centre for Social Justice has also decided to help these workers in getting their entitlements and other reliefs as announced by the government from time to time.

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