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Neighbours file police complaints over noisy ceiling fan!


The humble ceiling fan has caused a fight between two neighbours in Vasna areas of Ahmedabad and the matter has now reached the police. As per the complaint registered with the cops, the ceiling fan of the neighbour who lived on the ground floor made so much noise that it disturbed the family living on the first floor. 

The first-floor family said the vibration of the ceiling fan led to constant tremors on the floor of the house. Both parties have filed a cross-complaint in the matter.


The fight is between Meenakshi Kayasth and Pradip Joshi, both residents of Kankavati Flats in Vasna behind the P&T Colony. A fight erupted over the alleged nuisance of a ceiling fan and even locals tried to intervene but to no avail. 

Both families threatened each other and finally, the cops had to intervene. Joshi in his complaint alleged that the fan in Kayasth’s house was leading to tremors on his floor. 

It also caused a ruckus robbing them of peaceful sleep. The woman’s family wanted to know how can a ceiling fan disturb the family above the floor. Both have filed complaints against each other.

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HC employee threatened over the sale of a house

The principal private secretary working with Gujarat High Court has filed a complaint accusing a man of threatening him. The complaint said the man threatened to get him suspended from his job of 29 years unless he agreed to buy the house of the accused.

As per a complaint filed with the Gaekwad Haveli police station, by Kazimali Saiyed, a resident of Jamalpur Raikhad, his neighbour Kutumuddin Saiyad came to his house on Saturday.

Since it was a Saturday, the victim was at his home and Kutumudin wanted the victim to buy his house which was in the cellar of the same building where the victim lived.

The victim said since his family was small he did not want an additional house but the accused soon turned violent and threatened to get him suspended from his job. He also abused him and warned him of dire consequences if he did not buy the house. 

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