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Negligence of Chiripal Group, One Month Old Daughter Lost Her Father


Shahbaaz Shaikh, Ahmedabad: A fire broke out in the Nandan Denim factory in Piranha-Piplage, Ahmedabad last night. Nandan Denim is run by Ahmedabad’s business family Chiripal. Seven workers working in the factory were killed by the fire. Police and fire officials had reached the spot and had filed a complaint against the four people including the owner for investigation.

1 month old daughter lost her father
Due to the negligence of Chiripal Group, 7 workers died by scorching in a fire. 7 families were destroyed due to the negligence of the owners. The deceased Kunjan was married last year and is also the father of a 1-month-old girl. Kunjan was present in the factory for overtime. Meanwhile, he was dead at that time only. In an incident, a woman lost her husband and a 1-month-old girl had lost her father.

The personnel working in the factory came to know that the deceased Kunjan was working overtime in the factory due to the poor financial condition of the family. Another woman named Sumitraben had just started overtime due to poor financial conditions, which also resulted in death due to negligence of the owners. The family of the deceased has demanded the action against factory owner.

Chiripal or ‘Aagpal’, Extent Negligence of company owners
The fire of the Nandan Denim factory of Chiripal Group reveals the serious negligence of the company owners. Denim factory sheds have been found without fire safety. Also, the factory had only one ladder and workers died due to no emergency exit. Nandan Denim has been under severe fire twice in the past, but the company management is playing with the lives of the laborers at the mercy of the clement Government was not affected. Due to which the negligence continued and its value was paid by 7 laborers by losing their lives.

A secret about the cause of fire
Chief Fire Officer MF Dastur said that, the exact cause of the fire has not yet been determined. On the other hand, there was no response from the factory operators on the site about what caused the fire in Denim factory. Is there a fire due to short circuit or other reasons? They are investigating the directions of the fire department. The site of the incident has been taken under the supervision of Vatva and Narol police station.