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More explosive claims made in Navsari nurse suicide case


Navsari police have booked a surgeon, two head nurses and the husband and mother-in-law of the nurse who committed suicide by hanging herself.

What the nurse’s suicide note said

Megha, who killed herself at her home, in her four-page suicide note has accused Head Nurse Tara Gamit and Vanita Patel of forcing her to have physical relation with the civil surgeon of Navsari Civil Hosptial Dr Avinash Dubey. 

She alleged in the letter that when she turned down Gamit’s proposal, the head nurse along with Vanita Patel began to harass her.

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In the letter, she said that on October 21, she asked Vanital Patel for a day off as she had an appointment with a doctor for her thyroid problem. 

Since the doctor only visited the hospital on that particular day of the week, Megha had sought off. But head nurse Vanita Patel refused even though she had worked 12 hours every day on COVID-19 duty. 

She wrote in the letter that the matron had been torturing and harassing her for the last six month and that she would have to do what she asked her to do.

She also alleged that the torture began after Tara Gamit tried to coerce her into having relations with senior surgeon Dr Avinash Dubey. When she refused, Gamit threatened to make her life hell. 

She alleged in the letter that it was then that the harassment started. She said that she chose to die rather than give in to an ‘immoral’ life. She alleged that despite being women, the two head nurses were willing to pimp out juniors working under them.

She also left a paragraph addressed to Gamit and Patel where she said that Karma will eventually catch up with them. She accused them of isolating her and harassing those who supported her in the hospital. 

She also said that her husband and in-laws should not be allowed to attend her funeral.


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