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Navratri: No commercial garba events in Gujarat this year

  • All participants at society-level Navratri events must be fully vaccinated, says minister Harsh Sanghvi


Gandhinagar: Commercial garba events will not be allowed this Navratri, minister of state (Home) Harsh Sanghvi announced on Wednesday. Only sheri garba and small-scale trational garba events will be allowed. Also participants would have to be fully vaccinated.

Sanghvi said that the situation is not conducive for large-scale events.

Societies will be allowed to hold Navratri celebration within their premises. A maximum of 400 people will be allowed at such events. Also, night curfew has been relaxed till 12 midnight.

He clarified that only vaccinated people would be allowed to participate in garba events in societies.

Sanghvi said that the fight against Covid-19 had not yet ended, and hence it was important to exercise caution.

He said that the decision had been taken in the interest of Gujarat and the people here.

He expressed confidence that more relaxations would be possible in future if Covid-19 remains under control.

Earlier, Karnavati and Rajpath Clubs had announced they would not have Navratri celebration this year.

Last year, garba events had been cancelled because of Covid-19 pandemic

Gujarat, which had been badly hit during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, has reported less than 30 cases over past several weeks. Over 6 crore people here have already received the first dose of the vaccine.



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