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Nation getting muddy to make the lotus bloom


It was on last Thursday when Indian Passport were introduces to new aesthetics of Lotus symbol print. The Ministry of External Affairs elaborated the reason of amendment being national security.

The main question arising here is

“Whether lotus by any means represents the Identity of India.”


Similar question was asked in Rajyasabha on 10.07.2019(question no.1942) by Sri Prasana Acharya.

Answer to this question has very aptly given by the Sri Nityanamd Rai (Minister of State in the Ministry of State Affairs) that ‘Tiger’ is the National Animal of India and ‘Peacock’ National Bird of India, through notifications issued in 2011.”However, no such notification has been issued regarding ‘national flower’ by MoEF&CC,”

The above-mentioned information was found after an RTI was filed by Supreme Court Advocate Mr. Samarendara Beura.

It is astonishing to know that a political jargon has spread to such state where symbol of the ruling party is considered as net of safety despite the symbol having no such values. It is again very interesting to note that lotus remains to be the election symbol used by the present ruling party.

It is all the more shocking to note that the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar is unaware about the Country having no ‘National Flower’.

The humorous yet painful unawareness of the Spokesperson reflects the blind eyed dedication of every Minister somehow towards a party and the power vested in them via democratic means . This effort of converting the Nation muddy to make a lotus bloom is rather unprecedented one.