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Narol youth is COVID-19 positive in AMC’s RT-PCR test, negative in private lab test


A youth in Narol is struggling to decide his COVID-19 status. An RT-PCR test carried out by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has declared him and his father to be COVID-19 positive but a test at a private laboratory has said his father is positive but he is negative.

Interestingly, the father-son duo had initially got themselves an antigen test at one of the many testing centres of AMC. The two had tested positive in Narol but within 30 minutes when they got tested at another centre in Isanpur, they tested negative.

The family is in a dilemma as to what to do as the youth and his father are keen to return to their job.

Why they got tested at AMC camps?

Narol resident Suchitra Paul had tested positive for COVID-19 a fortnight ago. She was under home quarantine. Once her quarantine ended she called up the AMC’s 104 helpline number and asked whether she needed to get tested again.

The AMC staff told her that if she did not have any symptoms she did not have to get tested. Suchitra’s husband Tapan and son Kaushik had also quarantined themselves in separate rooms although they had not tested positive.

Since the father-son had to join work from Monday onwards, they decided to get themselves tested. They visited a testing camp of the AMC at Narol, where the antigen reports said they were positive.

Suchitra who when informed about the result questioned how they could test positive when the two had been in quarantine in a separate room.

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She advised them to get tested again. To be doubly sure of their status, the two got tested in another camp. This time they got tested in a camp set up in Isanpur. Here they tested negative.

AMC decides to do RT-PCR test

After the story was published in the media, the AMC decided to get RT-PCR test for Tapan and Kaushik on October 4. The samples were sent to SVP where both tested positive.

But the family said since they had already experienced two different reports earlier, they decided to get themselves tested at private laboratories too. 

When the two got an RT-PCR test at Neuberg Supratech Reference Laboratory in Maninagar, the father tested positive for COVID-19 but the son was reported negative. The family says it doesn’t know which report to believe.


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