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Narol police call criminal to inform about lady doctor’s bid to file a case against him!

  • The police commissioner had to intervene to get the complaint of the lady doctor registered at Narol Police station

A police sub-inspector allegedly called up a criminal to inform him about a lady doctor’s attempt to file a case against him. Interestingly, the police inspector had been dilly-dallying in taking the complaint that the doctor had made over a month ago.

Some days ago the video of one Amir Khan, brandishing swords outside a hospital of a doctor in Naroda had gone viral. Khan was threatening the cop as he did not want to pay the doctor who had carried out the delivery of his wife.

He had told her that if she asked for payment he would kidnap her and that they never paid bills but was into extortion themselves.

The doctor had made a complaint over a month ago but the Narol Police did not bother to take any action. The woman then approached the police commissioner Sanjay Srivastav who directed the Narol Police Station inspector to file a case against Amir Khan.

What happened at the Narol Police station

On Tuesday when the woman had gone to the station to file a formal FIR, the police inspector Kaldhara called up Amir Khan to inform him about the women’s complaint. He also allegedly insulted the woman.

Dr Shardha (Name Changed) runs a women’s hospital in Narol and lives in Bopal. On August 17, Mehreen Aamir Khan, a resident of Tasleem Society, was rushed to her hospital with vaginal bleeding and labour pains.

Dr Shardha (Name Changed) had conducted the earlier three cesarean delivery of Mehreen. Dr Shardha (Name Changed) conducted an emergency cesarean surgery and Mehreen was in the hospital for four days.

Later Mehreen’s husband Amir Khan and three others entered the hospital and began to create a ruckus. WhenDr Shardha (Name Changed) asked them to go out he said he will not pay the doctor and if she demanded money they would kill her.

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Later he sent her a video of him brandishing swords and said he was the don of Narol and that he never paid a bill but extorted money.

He also discharged his wife from the hospital without paying the bill. When Dr Shardha (Name Changed)went to file a complaint Narol police said they will investigate the matter and then file a complaint.

When the police showed no inclination to file a case even after a month, Dr Shardha (Name Changed) approached police commissioner Sanjay Srivastav who directed the Narol Police to file a complaint.

The police finally filed a complaint against Amir Khan. When Dr Shardha (Name Changed) went to file a complaint PSI Kuldhara allegedly asked them to get up from their seat and told the other cops that there was no need to show undue respect.

He then proceeded to call Aamir Khan while they were still there and informed him that the doctor had filed a complaint against him. Dr Shardha (Name Changed) said it was strange that the police were so interested in forewarning a criminal about a complaint and reluctant to take her complaint in the first place.


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