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Nandan Nilekani says Infosys working on resolving glitches in the I-T e-filing website


After Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman flagged the issues being faced by users of the income tax (I-T) department’s new e-filing website, Infosys chairman Nandan Nilekani has replied saying that his company is working to resolve the glitches faced by users. The new website was made live by the department on Monday evening.

Notably, the information technology giant was granted the contract for developing the new e-filing system aimed at reducing the average time to process I-T returns from 63 days to just one day and fast-track refunds to taxpayers.

Sitharaman asks Nilekani to fix glitches

The Union finance minister had on Tuesday asked Infosys and Nilekani to fix the glitches after users flooded her Twitter timeline with complaints.

Early on Tuesday morning, Sitharaman took to Twitter to announce the launch of the new portal, saying the “important milestone to make the compliance experience more taxpayer-friendly” went live at 8.45 pm on Monday. But, soon her timeline was flooded with users complaining about the glitches in the website,

Following this, Sitharaman again took to Twitter. She said, “I see in my TL grievances and glitches. Hope @Infosys & @NandanNilekani will not let down our taxpayers in the quality of service being provided.”

“Ease in compliance for the taxpayer should be our priority,” she said while quoting a tweet from a user who was unable to log in to the new e-filing portal.

What Nandan Nilekani said

In a late evening reply to Sitharaman’s tweet, Nilekani said some technical issues were observed on day one, and Infosys is working to resolve them.

“The new e-filing portal will ease the filing process and enhance the end user experience. @nsitharaman ji, we have observed some technical issues on day one, and are working to resolve them. @Infosys regrets these initial glitches and expects the system to stabilise during the week,” Nilekani tweeted.


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