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#NamsteTrump At What Cost Modi Govt Convinced Potus: Inside Story


When Indian senior cabinet minister Piyush Goyal badmouthed world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, the Amazon owner, India Inc was upset that he is spoiling business atmosphere in the country. But few knew on whose behest it was done and the objective the statement wanted to achieve. Exactly after a month of the statement, the benefit is open for everybody to see.

Last month when Bezos was visiting India he announced that Amazon would invest more $1 billion in the Indian market and would create many jobs. He also pointed out that Amazon was doing this despite it has posted huge losses in its online business in the country.

Piyush Goyal had commented that Jeff Bezos’s firm “Amazon was not doing a favour to the country by the investments” and he also casted aspersions saying how can a marketplace make such a big loss unless they are indulging in “predatory pricing or some unfair trade practices”.

India Inc was shocked why a senior Cabinet Minister was making such a remark and also felt that he should instead welcoming Bezos. But exactly one month after the remark, visit of US President Donald Trump has cleared much of the suspicion behind Goyal remark.

Gujarat Exclusive has learnt that in the first week of January Trump administration had tentatively indicated that POTUS may visit India in the last week of February. But the decision was still tentative and Indian Prime Minister was keen to host Trump in India.

It is a well-known fact that Trump and Bezos have a huge enmity in USA. Bezos-owned The Washington Post have been extremely critical against Trump in their editorial policy and Trump has openly criticized The Washington Post reports.

Apart from that Bezos and Trump have been engaged in the trade war also. Trump administration had awarded the cloud-computing project for the Defense Department called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure project, also known as JEDI to Microsoft. This project was worth $10 billion and Bezos had cried foul over this deal and has initiated a legal battle too.

So, by criticizing Bezos Indian government gave a signal to US President that the present regime is with him and also indicated it can go to any extent to please him. The message was loud and clear to Trump and it indeed helped Indian government securing a nod from Trump for India visit as this visit may be of far reaching consequences for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi too.

India Inc has now clearly got the context in which senior Indian cabinet minister took risk of criticizing Bezos. By criticizing World’s Richest Man India has secured friendship with World’s Most Powerful Man.

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