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Municipal school teachers protest COVID-19 duty at private hospitals


Municipal school teachers in the city are annoyed at being asked to serve at private COVID-19 facilities in the state. The over 200 teachers of the municipal schools allege that municipal commissioner Mukesh Kumar had clearly stated that only those employees and departments that have not been associated with COVID-19 duty so far will be given additional such duties.

The teachers have alleged that since the pandemic began they have been involved in the activities related to the disease. This includes carrying out survey, working at the ration stores and distribution of kits. They say the order to post them at private hospitals is in violation of the promise made by Kumar earlier.

It should be noted that Kumar had through a letter stated that a help desk be made available at the 42 private COVID-19 designated facilities so that relatives of patients can get an update about their status.

The teachers said despite being involved in COVID-19 work from the initial days they have now been given additional duty of being posted at these private COVID-19 facilities. Local media quoted teachers as saying that though a list has been made out of teachers who will be put on COVID-19 duty at private hospitals, it does not mention as to who has assigned the duty to them and who has given the order for the same.