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Mrs. India Rashmi Shah Spent 31 Days with Baba Nithyananda, Watch Video


Nithyananda and his Quartet facts came out about blackmailing, black-white, money laundering and human trafficking network are in Gujarat. Who used to help Nithyananda in Gujarat? Who used to help Nithyanada in carrying out these activities? No action has been taken by the Gujarat government on this case. The game is being played to end this misdeed of Nithyananda by making it just a matter of common ground but Gujarat Exclusive has started exposing the deeds of this Quartet.

Gujarat Exclusive has already revealed DPS and Calorx Group directors Manjula Pooja Shroff and Amitabh Shah’s close ties with Nithyananda. In such a situation, many shocking facts have been found about Rashmi aka Shweta Chaudhary of “Team Nithyananda”.

A video has surfaced of Rashmi Amitabh Shah aka Shweta Chaudhary, the main conspirator of conspiracy running in Gujarat by rapist Baba Nithyananda. Rashmi is the wife of Amitabh Amit Shah, director of NGO called Yuva Unstoppable and is also included in the board of Yuva Unstoppable. Rashmi Shah played an important role in bringing Nithyananda to Gujarat, after which trio of Rashmi Shah, Amitabh Shah and Manjula Pooja Shroff started working together to bring bad game of Nithyananda to an end in Gujarat. There was a good relationship between Nithyananda and Rashmi Shah to the extent that Rashmi lived with Nithyananda for 31 days.

Video: Nityananda’s Agent Amitabh Shah Surfaced, DPS director Manjula Shroff’s Close Ally

Rashmi Shah was Mrs India as well as the director of infamous NGO Youth Unstoppable. Not only this, Rashmi Shah has a lot of interest in film world. Due to which she has maintained a good hold in glamour world, these specialty proved to be helpful in completing Nithyananda’s operation. Nithyananda entered into the corporate world of Gujarat through Rashmi who has a good grip on both English and Hindi languages, so it became very easy. Through this specialties, Nityananda conspired to raise two to three thousand crores to built ‘Kailaasa’. Rashmi Shah’s important role is being revealed in bringing this conspiracy to an end and trapping the corporate world.

The video that has been revealed by Gujarat Exclusive by which we can clearly see that there was a sweet relationship between Nithyananda and Rashmi. Rashmi Shah herself says in a video, “Whatever time I have spent with Swamiji 31 days…I just remember that time and whenever we talk each other…whenever I hug Swamiji…I just remember those moment when I was really really happy with him… and that’s it..nothing else…I just said very first like Swamiji just you do it and that’s it…Its only oneness when me and Swamiji had great time with each other…whether we session or whether we talk…whether we done power manifesting time that’s it and its called oneness.”

Video of DPS Director Manjula Shroff and Baba Nityananda’s Relationship Surfaced

Who is Rashmi Shah?
Shweta Singh Chaudhary, a girl now known as Rashmi Shah married with Ahmedabad based Amitabh Amit Shah. Amitabh Shah runs an NGO called Youth Unstoppable in Ahmedabad and his mother Dipti Shah runs a network of Spoken English classes. Rashmi Shah had met Amitabh Shah with Nithyananda. Rashmi Shah with her husband Amitabh Shah and Manjula Pooja Shroff monitored a business in Gujarat and Delhi for Rapist Baba Nithyananda  and also runs the network in different countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

How Mrs India Rashmi Shah, Manjula and Amitabh built “The Nithyanada’s Kailaasa”?