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More trouble for Ramdev as oil mill linked to Patanjali raided, sealed in Rajasthan


An oil mill in Alwar district of Rajasthan that was working as the packaging agent for yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali products was sealed on Thursday by the district administration. During the raid on Singhania Oil Mills in Khairthal, the raiding officials found a large quantity of Patanjali labels that were used for rebranding the Singhania Oil Mills products in the name of Patanjali’s.

Singhania Oil Mill is located in Ismailpur Road industrial area in Khairthal town of Alwar district.  It is known for selling adulterated edible mustard oil. It is believed that the product that was selling edible oil in the name of Patanjali was also spurious and harmful for health.

On Thursday, the district food and supply officers raided the premises of Singhania Oil Mills and collected samples of mustard oil. They also collected a large number of labels and bottles that were used for packaging the mustard oil. The mustard oil was manufactured by the Singhania Oil Mills and sold by Patanjali under its own brand name.

District collector received complaint

The district collector Nanumal Pahadia received a complaint that Singhania manufactures adulterated mustard oil and sells it to Patanjali and the latter market this oil in its own name and thus was involved in selling adulterated mustard oil.

The district collector formed a team of three officials led by Yogesh Dagur, sub-divisional officer, and conducted a raid on the premises and also the videography of the whole factory was done.

As a large number of Patanjali wrapping materials and labels were found on the premises, the raiding party also seized the documents relating to the orders received from Patanjali. The documents and records are being investigated. The complainant has said that the manufactured oil which was sold to Patanjali was adulterated and it was marketed in Patanjali’s name and brand.

Notably, Ramdev is already facing criticism and a defamation notice from the Indian Medical Association for his controversial remarks on allopathy.


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