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Morbi project offers household utilities in return for plastic waste


The Swachh Bharat Mission Urban- Gujarat of the Urban Development Department has come up with an innovative pilot project to encourage people to reduce single-use plastic. 

It has come up with a project that offers household items of everyday use in return for plastic waste donated under the scheme.


The pilot project is being experimented with in the Morbi Municipality. It will later be expanded to cover Mansa, Kalol and Chotila Municipalities.

Eventually, it will also be implemented in a phased manner across all municipalities of the state.

Mission director Milind Bapna said under the project a plastic collection centre will be set up in municipalities.

He said people can give plastic waste that can be recycled at the collection centres and in return get household items that are of everyday use. 

As of now the pilot project which began on July 31 in Morbi municipality has got a good response from the citizens.

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The plastic waste donated is weighed and household items are given in return depending on the weight of the waste. 

Buckets, cups, chairs and tables are being offered in return for the waste.

The mission

The Swachh Bharat Mission Urban- Gujarat states that municipal solid waste management projects are being implemented across 38% of Gujarat’s population.

It focuses on the conversion of solid waste into fuel pellets or compost and reuse of such products for industrial or agricultural purposes. 

It said the project also focuses on Reuse of Waste.

The project aims to make products from the recycling of the waste that can provide organic fertilizers to nearby rural farming lands and water for irrigation purpose, the mission states on its website.

By reusing waste for different purposes, it subsequently reduces the burden on urban local bodies and offsets the water demand, it states.

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