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Monsoon enters Gujarat in advance, rainfall expected during next 4 days


Southwest monsoon on Wednesday marked its entry in Gujarat at least two days in advance, the Indian Meteorological Department said. The onset of the monsoon brought the much-required respite from the scorching sun.

With the onset, rainfall was reported at several places in Valsad, Dang and Bhavnagar on Wednesday. Over 40 mm rainfall was reported in Vapi and 20 mm rainfall was reported in Kaprada. Similarly, Nanipalson reported 20 mm rainfall, Dang reported 10 mm rainfall and Talaja in Bhavnagar district reported 40 mm rainfall.

What IMD said

According to the Met office, the southwest monsoon has further advanced into the entire central and some parts of the north Arabian Sea, some parts of the south Gujarat region on Wednesday. The northern limit of monsoon passes through Valsad, Malegaon, Nagpur.

The IMD also said that a low-pressure area is likely to form over the north Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood on June 10-11 and the southwesterly winds over the Arabian Sea are also likely to intensify from Thursday. These factors will aid the advancement of the southwest monsoon in Gujarat.

Rainfall expected in Gujarat

The weather office has predicted light to moderate rainfall during the next four days across Gujarat. Heavy rains are also expected in the Valsad district while scattered rains are predicted in other districts of south Gujarat.

As far as Ahmedabad is concerned, the weather office has predicted a generally cloudy sky condition till June 15 that will keep the mercury under check. However, relative humidity during this period is expected to be significantly high. While the maximum temperature is expected to remain within 40 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature will be around 28-29 degrees Celsius due to high atmospheric moisture

Monsoon 2020

In 2020, Gujarat received 158 per cent of its long period average (LPA) rainfall during June to September. Seasonal rainfall over the subdivisions of the Gujarat region and Saurashtra-Kutch was 112 per cent and 226 per cent of respective LPA.

During the season, out of the total 33 districts, 13 districts received large excess rainfall (departure 60 per cent more than respective LPA), five districts received excess rainfall (20 to 59 per cent more than respective LPA), 13 districts received normal rainfall (-19 to 19 per cent more than respective LPA)  and two districts received deficient rainfall (less than -20 to -59 per cent).

Monthly rainfall over the state as a whole was 8 per cent of LPA in June, -7 per cent of LPA in July, 198 per cent of LPA in August, and zero per cent of LPA in September.


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