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Mohan Prakash is Ashok Gehlot’s choice for Gujarat Congress


Rajasthan’s former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot has expressed his inability to take charge as the AICC general secretary in-charge for Gujarat. The position of the party’s general secretary for Gujarat fell vacant due to the untimely demise of Rajiv Satav of Maharashtra.

After the inability expressed by Pilot to take up the responsibility of Gujarat, it is learnt that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is pushing the candidature of Rajasthan’s former MLA Mohan Prakash.

Mohan Prakash is a seasoned politician and has been a one-term Congress MLA in Rajasthan. He quit Congress to join the Janata Dal first and then switched over to Samajwadi Party, but returned to the Congress fold and served as the party’s general secretary and is currently the party’s spokesperson.

Sachin Pilot wants to stay in Rajasthan politics

Sachin Pilot is keen to remain in Rajasthan politics as he has been promised an honourable position in the state. But, the Gujarat offer was made to him as an alternative. It is learnt that Pilot is unhappy with the party’s high command as neither he nor the 19 MLAs, who supported him in the rebellion against Gehlot, were rehabilitated.

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Pilot has been demanding a proper position for himself and his supporters in the government. It is almost a year since Pilot led the rebellion against Gehlot last year during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. The Congress leader has told the party’s high command that at this juncture, he was unable to take up the responsibility in Gujarat.

Ashok Gehlot pushing for Mohan Prakash

Mohan Prakash, who like Gehlot has emerged as a tall leader from the student and university leadership, is being pushed by Gehlot. The Rajasthan CM, who himself served as the party’s general secretary in-charge for Gujarat and was fairly successful in raising a depleted party from ashes, feel that Mohan Prakash would be an ideal choice. In the political circle, it is said that Gehlot is trying to push the name of Mohan Prakash just to block Pilot’s candidature.

The names of Mukul Wasnik, who is the AICC general secretary and also BK Hariprasad are also being speculated. But, it is said that Gehlot will have a larger say in the appointment of the new general secretary and he would manage to get Mohan Prakash appointed.


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