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Mohan Bhagwat praises RSS’ role in combating COVID-19


RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat during the two-day conference in Jaipur praised the role played by the RSS workers during the coronavirus crisis. He said that the COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest calamity that the country is facing and it is a test of patience for everyone. He claimed that RSS workers rose to the occasion and worked for the welfare of the people risking their own lives.

Mohan Bhagwat said during the coronavirus crisis, people lost their jobs and struggled to meet both ends. The pandemic taught the lesson to become self-reliant under demanding situations.

People reoriented themselves

He said during the worst situation, people learnt how to re-orient themselves. But there is a need to do some re-thinking on various issues particularly the ones relating to the various evils in the society. The evils in our society could be eliminated with regular dialogue between RSS workers and common people.

He said the corona crisis has also taught us how to fight with the adverse situation and yet find a solution.

Need better connect between RSS & society, says Mohan Bhagwat

Bhagwat said: “We fought the coronavirus pandemic unitedly and now we can fight with various adversities in our system in a similar way. The need of the hour is better coordination between various strata of the society and RSS. If the two develop a rapport, a number of problems related to the society and economy can be sorted out.”

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He said such efforts to build a rapport with the society should be undertaken at the district level. The RSS should create an environment where the society should feel that the RSS works for the welfare of the people and this would pave the wave for mutual trusts.

He said the post-corona scenario demands that there is a need to re-orient and recast various systems like education, labour laws and business activities. This should be given the highest priorities to cover the lost grounds.

RSS chief to visit Kota

The RSS supremo would be in Kota from Monday and will address the Indian Farmers’ Forum, an organisation launched by Dattopant Thengde from Kota. The RSS chief would also visit the residence of the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, who lost his father a few days ago to offer condolence.


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