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Modi is Maharashtra’s man of the match, While the party was asleep, Modi was awake


There’s a lot of debate going on the politics of Amit Shah and his Chanakya niti are being hailed everywhere. But according to the information available with Gujarat Exclusive, Amit Shah, JP Nadda or the RSS did not play any role in the formation of government in Maharashtra, but it was the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who pioneered the formation of the coalition in Maharashtra.

The plan to form a government in Maharashtra was set up when Sharad Pawar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had held a meeting, but both Pawar and Prime Minister Modi were waiting for the right time because of their compulsions.

The results of the elections were announced a month earlier on 23rd October. Since then, there has been a lot of political ups and downs in the state and it was not clear how a government will be formed or which formula of power sharing will be used.

Discussions were underway and many individuals tried to form the government but no one had the formula that was acceptable to all. Due to this for the last one month new government in Maharashtra could not be formed.

BJP cadre which is known for its discipline and organizational stability, was fighting the battle for supremacy whereas the NCP was fighting the battle for legacy. A senior politician who knows the BJP and Sangh inside out, told Gujarat exclusive “the posts in BJP have been finalized now, but in the coming days, the battle for the number 1 and number 2 will continue from Nagpur-Delhi to Lucknow and the coming 4 years will decide, who will lead the BJP from 2024 to 2034. The coming 4 years will be of utmost importance in deciding the fate of BJP and the Sangh. The BJP looks peaceful now, but after 2021 there was be a big tsunami in the party and things will take a turn and there will be big changes in the party. Those of who closely know the methodology of the Prime Minister Modi, Amit Shah and the Sangh, are fully aware regarding what has to be done in coming 5 years and what steps have to be taken ahead.

On the other hand, everyone knows that in the NCP, the last innings of Sharad Pawar as the Supremo is going on and there is a war between Ajit Pawar, Supriya Sule, Chhagan Bhujbal to claim his legacy and if Pawar entered any one at the helm, there was a possibility of revolt. In such a situation, Sharad Pawar had to play politics as per his image. The situation was very critical and Sharad Pawar took the decision that was expected from him. While all eyes were set on the queen, the horse has gave a check and mate to the king. Those who think that Sharad Pawar is a fool, do not know him well and are not aware of the political games played by politicians like Mulayam singh Yadav and Sharad Pawar.

For instance, when Mulayam Singh entrusted his legacy to Akhilesh Yadav, he himself sat in his Brother Shivpal Singh’s lap and handed the party to Akhilesh. The brother was also happy and the son inherited the legacy.

Similarly, Pawar has played a big game and handed the legacy to Ajit and has sat in the lap of senior leader Chhagan Bhujbal.

Without Sharad Pawar’s will, at any cost, Devendra Fadnavis cannot form a government with Ajit’s support. Sharad Pawar held a press conference with Uddhav Thackeray, talking about meeting the governor, but as the NCP chief, he did not take any action against his nephew Ajit Pawar.

The battle of supremacy within the BJP was going on and PM Modi like a veteran leader, sat calmly and observed the matter unfold, when finally the BJP put down its weapons in the state and almost lost the battle, Modi himself took control.  According to the information received, within 6 hours the whole picture changed. By forming a government in Maharashtra, Prime Minister Modi not only resolved the infighting in Maharashtra but also put an end to BJPs internal war of supremacy.

The battle of Maharashtra will not only prove to be important in forming government, but also will add many chapters in the political textbooks. The checkmate that Modi and Pawar have given to the opponents will have a long impact on the Indian politics, ShivSena, NCP and will be a lesson for the BJP’s in inexperienced and new leaders. After the Maharashtra outcome, Modi, in the true sense has proved that…. Modi hai toh Mumkin hai.