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Modi draws Laxmanrekha, India under complete lockdown for 21 days


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday sent shockwaves across the country after he declared that there will be complete lockdown in India during the next 21 days starting Wednesday. He said the tough decision has been taken to break the chain of coronavirus and save lives.

Modi said people should draw a laxmanrekha outside their homes and should not cross the line for the next 21 days if they do not want the deadly virus to spread in the country.  He said it will be stricter than ‘Janta Curfew’ and there will be a complete restriction on the movement of people.

He said the decision for a complete lockdown of 21 days has been taken as per the suggestions of experts and taking a cue from the mistakes and learnings of other countries that have successfully countered the crisis. The PM said there is no other way to control the spread of the virus other than social distancing.

“The country will have to pay an economic price for the complete lockout, but the priority of my government is to save lives,” the Prime Minister said.

He added: “People are watching the situation in various parts of the world. Even developed nations are unable to manage the coronavirus crisis. It is not that these nations are not trying to contain the spread of the virus, or have lack of infrastructure. However, coronavirus is spreading so fast that they are unable to manage the situation”.

The PM also criticised those who violated government directives that resulted in the virus spreading its tentacles in the country. “Some people are under the impression that social distancing is only meant for ill people. I want to tell them that it is meant for all. Lack of responsibility and callous attitude of some people has resulted in the spread of the virus in the country and if the situation continues, India will have to pay a heavy price,” he said.

Citing a World Health Organisation (WHO) report, he said: “It took 67 days for the coronavirus to infect 1 lakh people. However, in a matter of just 11 days, the virus had infected another 1 lakh people. In the next four days, another one lakh people got infected. We need to learn from the mistakes and experiences of other nations that have bear the brunt of coronavirus”.

He also announced Rs15,000 crore fund that will be utilised for fighting the virus in the country. He requested people to pray for emergency responders and healthcare professionals who are catering to the need of the society at this crucial time.

He also thanked people for supporting the ‘Janta Curfew’ and urged them to stay at home for the next 21 days.