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Mobile phone recovered from rape convict godman Narayan Sai in Surat jail


A mobile phone was recovered from Narayan Sai, who is lodged in Lajpor Central jail in Surat for the rape of two of his disciples.

Sai was convicted for life for raping to women who were devotees at the ashram of his father- self-styled godman Asharam Bapu.

The jail authorities have filed a case with the Sachin Police station in connection with the recovery of the mobile phone from Narayana Sai.

As per the details, police recovered the mobile from Narayan Sai and four others lodged in barrack no 55 in the A-2 wing of Lajpor Jail.

This is not the first instance of officials recovering mobile phones from inmates of the jail in Surat.

What is the Narayan Sai rape case?

In 2019, Narayan Sai was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping a woman devotee in 2013.

The court had also convicted Narayan Sai’s aides–Dharmishtha alias Ganga, Bhavna alias Jamuna and Pavan alias Hanuman–for abetting the rape.

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The woman was illegally confined by Sai’s aides and beaten up at his behest and coercing her to have a relation with him.

In 2013, after Asaram Bapu was arrested for raping a girl in Rajasthan, two Surat-based women who were sisters accused Asaram and his son Narayan Sai of rape and sexual exploitation.

The elder sister accused Asaram of sexual assaults between 1997 and 2006 when she lived at his Ahmedabad ashram.
The younger sister accused Sai of sexual assaults when she lived at Asaram’s ashram in Jahangirpura in Surat between 2002 and 2005.

Narayan Sai who was absconding after the case was filed was later arrested from Delhi-Haryana border in December 2013.

Sai’s father, Asaram is serving sentence for raping a girl in Rajasthan.


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