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Mobile ban for cops on bandobast in Vadodara


Cops on bandobast duty in Vadodara will not be allowed to carry their mobile phones with them. The ban on mobile during duty hours particularly for cops who are stationed at various points in the city to prevent violation of lockdowns is yet another attempt to prevent the spread of Covid19 among police personnel.

The decision by the Vadodara police commissioner states that cops who will be reporting to duty will have to deposit their mobile phones with the authorities. Only senior police officials will be allowed to use mobiles for emergency communication.

Several media outlets quoted police commissioner Anupam Singh Gahlaut stating that use of mobile phones during lockdown checking hampers the efforts to strictly impose the lockdown measures. Moreover, using mobile phones constantly also leads to high risk of infection, he was quoted as saying. Only senior officials at every point will be able to carry mobile so that they can remain in touch in case of any emergency. The cops will be required to switch off their cell phones and keep it in the vehicle.

Vadodara has so far recorded 308 cases and 21 deaths due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is among the top three highly affected Covid19 districts of Gujarat.