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Migrants, police clash in Surat; stones pelted, tear gas used


Over 2000 labourers living in a camp near Varel in Palsana area of Surat clashed with police demanding that they be sent home. The incident happened on Monday when hundreds of migrant labourers came out on the roads leading to a law and order situation. The police that rushed to the spot, initially tried to reason with the protesting labourers but the agitated labourers began throwing stones at them. Several police vehicles were also damaged in the incident. The cops had to use tear gas shells to disperse the mob. Officials said they had managed to bring the situation under control.

Another protest in Palanpur patia areas of Surat was also reported earlier. This is the fourth instance of migrant protest inSurat

Similar reports of protest by migrants, most wanting to go home, were reported from Rajkot too. In Rajkot, several migrant labourers took to the street near Gondal chokdi to demand that they be sent home. Unlike in Surat, the ocps managed to cool down the situation before it could get out of hand. The government has so far arranged for 18 trains for the passage of over 21,000 migrants from various parts of the state.